Managing Discovered Apps

Modified on Fri, 07 Jun 2024 at 10:00 AM

Josys facilitates the identification and control of all unmanaged SaaS applications accessed via browsers or configured on devices by the employees. These unmanaged apps are detected and listed under the Discovered Apps by leveraging the Google Workspace integration and Josys Browser Extension where IT Admins can monitor or integrate these apps.

The Discovered App highlights apps used within the organization, often without formal approval or oversight (Shadow IT). With the recent enhancement of the Shadow IT feature, IT Admins can get valuable insights into discovered apps by analyzing their Risk Level, App Category, and Compliance, as shown in the below screen. This will enable the organization to proactively manage and mitigate risk caused by shadow users and unmanaged applications and create a compliant and secure digital environment. 

When an app is discovered in Josys, you can:

  • Identify the actively used apps and those not used in your organization.
  • Check the Risk Levels of the discovered apps, categorized as - High, Medium, and Low. 
  • Review the Compliance information to see the number of apps adhering to the compliance standards.
  • Identify the apps with the same category for optimizing the cost.

You can use the search filter to review the above apps. 

Identifying the Risky Discovered Apps

When an app is discovered in Josys, it is assigned a Risk Level, as shown in the following screen. The Risk Level calculates the risk associated with each discovered app and categorizes it into three levels, High, Medium, and Low. 

Josys in partnership with Netskope utilizes Cloud Confidence Index™ (CCI) and leverages cutting-edge technologies to streamline the process of app risk assessment. 

Here is how the risk level of the apps within Josys is calculated by utilizing Netskope CCL. 

CCL in NetskopeRisk Level in Josys
Low and Poor
Excellent and HighLow

Let's consider an example, where App A receives a low/poor CCI score in Netsope, then App A possesses a high-risk level in Josys. This means that the lower the CCI score is, the higher the Risk Level of the app in Josys.

What is Netskope Cloud Confidence Index™ (CCI)

The Netskope Cloud Confidence Index™ (CCI) comprises cloud SaaS applications evaluated by the Netskope based on the criteria set by Cloud Security Alliance Guidance. These apps are given a CCI score which is helpful for the organization in selecting the apps and setting policies. 

For detailed information on CCI, please visit Netskope's official documentation.

Josys’ partnership with Netskope ensures that you receive a detailed and reliable assessment of app risk levels based on industry-leading standards. This helps you make informed decisions about the apps used within your organization without the need for a separate Netskope license.


1. Josys users get all additional fields such as Compliance and Risk Level without purchasing a Netskope license.

2. Risk Level and Compliance information are sourced from Netskope excluding the App Category.

3. There are some applications with a category marked as '-' and a risk level labeled as "Unknown". These apps are currently pending further enhancement in our SaaS app catalog, which will be done in the upcoming months.

Reviewing the Apps Compliance

If you want to verify the compliance standards assigned to the Discovered App then you can do so by checking the Compliance information, as shown in the following screen.

Learn about the SaaS Compliance Attributes supported by Josys.

Take action based on type of app


Discovered Apps play a crucial role in identifying the apps used by the employees without the knowledge or approval of the IT Admin. You can identify the higher-risk apps or apps adhering to compliance. As Shadow IT possesses security threats, hence mitigating such risks is essential. This is done by integrating or tracking an app (that cannot be integrated). 

In Josys, Discovered Apps are categorized into:

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