Remote activation of Josys Browser Extension using Google Admin Console

Modified on Tue, 28 May 2024 at 02:24 AM

This article includes the process of activating the Josys browser extension on any browser (Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge) and validating the activation using Google Admin Console.

The deployment includes the following two steps:

1. Pushing the browser extension

2. Activating and validating the browser extension on your browser

1. Pushing the browser extension

Step 1: Log in to Google Admin Console using an admin account. Navigate to Devices and select Chrome. Click Apps & Extensions and select Users & Browsers.

Step 2: Click the Plus icon on the right and select the Chrome icon.

Step 3: Select Extensions, enter the following app ID and press Enter.


Step 4: Click Select to select the Josys browser extension.

Step 5: Click Allow Install.

Step 6: Select any of the following Installation Policy according to your requirement and other permissions:

  • Force install: Installs the extension silently onto the end user's Chrome profile.
  • Force install + pin to browser toolbar: Installs the extension silently and pin it to the toolbar. This method is mostly selected by the IT Admin.

Step 7: After entering the Installation Policy, scroll down to locate the Policy for extensions section. Enter the following JSON value under this section. Replace the "org_key" with your organization key. 

  "OrganizationKey": {
    "Value": "org_key"

For example, if "abccompany" is your organization key, then enter the following JSON:


  "OrganizationKey": {

    "Value": "abccompany"



Refer to section 1 of the Remote activation of Josys Browser Extension to locate your organization key. 

Step 8: Save the changes.

2. Validating browser extension activation

After activating the browser extension, the IT Admin can validate the activation to ensure the extension is activated successfully. 

Step 1: Log in to Google Chrome on your targeted device using an admin account.


Step 2: Open your browser type <browsername>://extensions into your browser URL and press Enter. For example, to validate the browser extension activation for Google Chrome, type chrome://extensions 

Step 3 Verify if the extension is listed in the extension list.

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