Configure SAML (Single Sign-On) authentication on Josys

Modified on Thu, 21 Mar 2024 at 03:26 AM

This article explains how to enhance Josys platform security with a step-by-step guide on configuring SAML authentication using trusted Identity Providers.

Single Sign-On (SSO) can be configured only for IdPs supported by Josys. Currently, Josys supports Okta and OneLogin.


  • Ensure you have administrative access to both Josys and your chosen Identity Provider (IdP).

Follow the steps below to enable SAML (Single Sign-On) authentication:

Step 1: Navigate to Security tab on the side panel and select SSO (SAML authentication).

Step 2: To begin the configuration, Click on Configure SSO.

Step 3: Copy the 'ACS URL' and 'Entity ID' from Josys

Step 4: Select your IdP from the IdP drop-down list.

Step 5: Follow the steps below to configure your IdP.

If you're using Okta:

  1. Access Okta's Admin dashboard and navigate to `Applications > Applications`.
  2. Select `Create App integration`.
  3. Choose `SAML 2.0` and proceed by clicking `Next`.
  4. Follow the SAML setup instructions available on the "Sign On" tab.
  5. Register the displayed items on the Josys platform.
  6. Once filled out, click `Registration` located on the Josys SSO Setup popup.
  7. Assign the appropriate users or groups in Okta to use SSO. Navigate to `Assignments`, select `Assign`, and choose the relevant people or groups.
  8. Finally, on Josys, click on `Authentication Test` to verify the setup.

If you're using OneLogin:

  1. Access the OneLogin Admin dashboard and select `Applications > Applications`.
  2. Click on `Add App`.
  3. Search for and select `SAML Custom Connector (Advanced)`.
  4. Set the desired `App Name` and save your settings.
  5. In the `Configuration` menu, update the necessary settings and save.
  6. Navigate to the `SSO` menu and adjust the `SAML Signature Algorithm` to `SHA-256`, then save.
  7. Register the settings displayed on the Josys platform.
  8. Once details are entered, click `Registration` on the Josys SSO Setup popup.
  9. In OneLogin, assign users for SSO. Navigate to `Users > Users`, select the relevant user, and assign the Josys app you previously created.
  10. Back in Josys, click `Authentication Test` to ensure everything is set up correctly.

Step 6: After successful configuration and testing, click Enable SSO to activate the SSO settings for your users.

Please note: Ensure your review all setting and test the Single Sing-On functionality before rolling it out to all users.

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