Enabling Microsoft Intune as an External Data Source

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Integrating Microsoft Intune as an external data source in Josys automates adding and updating devices.



Before you begin with linking Intune as an External Data source, make sure that you have integrated the Microsoft Intune app. Refer to the Microsoft Intune Integration article to learn about the integration process.


Linking Microsoft Intune


Step 1: Go to Settings and select External Data Sources. Under Devices, find the Microsoft Intune section, then click on Link.

Step 2: On the Match Records screen, choose the fields for Intune and Josys to create a match, then click Next.

Device details between Intune and Josys are matched using selected fields (match key). When a field in Intune matches with a field in Josys, the Josys record is updated with Intune data. If no match is found, a new record is created in Josys.

Scenario - Matching two Intune devices with two existing Josys devices using Serial Number





Serial NumberAAUpdate device data
Serial NumberXNo existing device with Serial Number XCreate a new device record 

1. If multiple records match in Josys, preference is given to the first matched record. 
2. Multiple Intune integrations require selection of an integration instance.

Step 3: To add a device in Josys, map the Josys Asset Number with Intune fields manually or auto-generate it. This can be done in the following two ways:

Option 1: Map UUID, Serial Number, or Device Name from Intune to Josys Asset Number.

  • Option 2: Auto-generate Asset Number with a prefix and incremental value.


1. In case of an asset number conflict (asset number mapped from Intune already exists in Josys), a new device record will be created with prefix SYS, making SYS1A the asset number for the newly created device.
2. If the asset number mapped from Intune is blank, Josys will generate an asset number starting from SYS1 for the first device with a blank asset number, SYS2 for the second device with a blank asset number, and so on.

You can use the click here link to learn about the remaining fields that will be mapped automatically. Learn more about the mapping from here.

Step 4: Review and confirm record mapping, then click Link Intune as External Data Source.


Step 5: After linking Intune, you will receive a confirmation message. Josys will start syncing device data from Intune, visible in the Devices section. Click Refresh to update data.

Synchronized devices from Intune are marked with a Microsoft Intune icon. New devices created on the current day are labeled New. Additional fields post-synchronization appear in the Customized Column.

1. Configure the Source column if not visible from the Customize Columns.
2. Data refresh may take some time.

Once synced with Intune, the Devices screen displays the following:

  • Device sync date and time with Intune
  • Disk Storage (GB) in System Configuration
  • Additional Intune Attributes

Unlinking Microsoft Intune


Step 1: Log in to Josys using an admin account. Select External Data Sources from the Settings menu. 

Step 2: In the Devices section, locate Microsoft Intune, and click Unlink


Note: When you unlink Intune, all devices currently associated with Josys are revoked from Intune and synchronization is stopped. Currently, Josys does not provide relinking back to Intune.


How often does Josys synchronize device information with Intune?

Josys automatically synchronizes device information with Intune daily, ensuring data consistency and accuracy.

How does Josys ensure precise device information linkage between Josys and Intune after the device fields are edited?

Josys uses the UUID obtained from Intune for subsequent device updates, ensuring precise linkage between the two platforms even when device fields are edited within Josys

What happens to MDM fields during export and import?

While exporting the device records, all MDM fields (like Disk Space, etc.) are included, however, MDM fields are excluded while importing the device records to prevent any import errors.

What happens to Device creation if I have mandatory custom fields?

Device creation will be done with a mandatory device custom field as 'blank'.

What happens when Intune is unlinked as EDS?

When Intune is unlinked as the Enterprise Data Source (EDS), the following changes occur:

  • Device Data Source Localization: Devices synced or fetched from Intune will remain on the platform, but their data source will be changed to local. 
  • Removal of Intune Columns: Intune-related columns are deleted from:
  • Device detail pages
  • Device list (including columns and filters)
  • CSV exports
  • Deletion of Intune UUIDs: All Intune UUIDs stored for devices are deleted, initiating a fresh synchronization process for future matches.

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