Import Devices via CSV

Modified on Thu, 07 Mar 2024 at 11:46 AM

You can create or update devices in bulk by importing a CSV file. Here are some general guidelines on importing the devices. Sign in to the Josys portal with your Josys credentials.

Preparing for first time Device Import

  1. If you need to create device custom fields, create them before you begin the import. (You can create device custom fields by going to Settings > Device Custom Fields)
  2. If you have created new fields such as Drop Down fields which can have choices, ensure that you add the choices under Settings > Device Custom Fields before import

Preparing your CSV file for upload

  1. Download sample CSV file
    1. Go to Devices tab on the left menu
    2. Click on Add button and select Import Device Details from a file
    3. Click on Download a sample file. You can download the sample file from here
    4. Alternatively you can create a sample device data and export the data into csv to get the template
  2. Required columns
    1. By default, the Asset Number is the only field required. Ensure that your CSV has this column
    2. If you have configured any fields as required, ensure that these are also available in your CSV
    3. You can also get a template for device import by creating a sample device in Josys and exporting it
  3. Edit the CSV file to input device data
  4. Save the CSV file

Make sure there is no duplication of information for an existing asset number to prevent it from being overwritten.

Import devices via CSV

  1. Go to Devices tab on the left menu
  2. Click on Add button and select Import Device Details from a file
  3. Drag & Drop or Select File to upload the data saved in the CSV file
  4. Click Import

1. You can upload only 5000 rows of data in one attempt. Please split the file for a larger data transfer
2. An Error message may appear for upload of larger than 5000 file capacity or for any inaccuracy/ incompatibility of the data

Once the devices have been successfully imported into Josys, navigate to the Users Profile menu. There, you can effortlessly manage the assignment or unassignment of devices to users with a simple click of a button.

Josys allows you to maintain a detailed history of your device assignments, including records of all previous users for that device. You can easily Import Device Assignment History via CSV.

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